Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a plastic material produced by biaxial orientation of PET resin which has found increasing applications within the packaging field. Its chemical inertness, excellent physical properties and wide operating window makes it particularly suitable for converting and various other industrial applications.

PET film is a high-performance plastic film and has certain inherent desirable qualities such as high tensile strength, durability, heat resistance, good gas-barrier properties, dimensional stability, chemical inertness and clarity. PET film is available commercially in a range of widths, thicknesses and properties depending upon the needs of end users. It can be made as a single layer or can be coextruded with other co-polymers into a multilayer film encompassing the desired characteristics of each material.

Sparsh's BOPET Films Special Features

Our renowned coaching programs will allow you to:

  • We can manufacture BOPET films with excellent tensile strength which supports various industrial applications such as hot stamping and yarn
  • We can maintain excellent MD shrinkage (< 1%) at 150°C, 30 min
  • In-line coating system can produce various types of coatings for better ink anchorage and metal adhesion
  • We can produce high barrier and high bond metallized films
  • Optical density can be produced from 0.25 to 4.0
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Product Range

CHEMICAL COATED POLYESTER FILM (CCC) 8,10,11,12,15,19,23 Co-Polymer based chemically coated Polyester film suitable for printing,metalizing,coating Improved bond strength in Flexible packaging applications.
CHEMICAL COATED POLYESTER FILM ACRYLIC COATED FILM (CCA) 8,10,11,12,15,19,23 Suitable for improved ink adhesion for high quality printing & lamination application.
CHEMICAL COATED POLYESTER FILM (CCP) 10,12 Special Co-Polymer based chemically coated polyester
CLEAR POLYESTER FILM (DD) 12,23,36,50 Suitable for printing,Metalizing and Lamination process in Flexible packaging applications.
TWIST WRAP GRADE 15, 18, 23 Twist wrap for chocolate, lollipop, etc
HAZY POLYESTER FILM (HH) 23,36,50 Hazy Film is Suitable for Electrical Insulation, Paper Lamination, Roofing and FRP Release applications.
HIGH PERFORMANCE CHEMICAL COATED POLYESTER FILM (CCH) 10, 12 Co- Polymer based chemically coated polyester film suitable for various food packaging in hot fill applications.
HOT STAMPING FOIL (SS) 12 Polyester film suitable for hot stamping foil application.
ISOTROPIC POLYESTER FILM (TT) 12,23,36 Suitable especially in application of lidding for cups, trays and tubes .E.G. Yogurt, Ice cream, beverages, packaged food trays etc.
PLAIN POLYESTER FILM (AA) 8,1,0,11,12,15,19,23 Suitable for printing,Metalizing and Lamination process in Flexible packaging applications.
POLYESTER FILM THERMAL LAMINATION GRADE (LL) 71,59,31 This Polyester film is suitable for Thermal Lamination and Other industrial applications.
TWIST WRAP POLYESTER FILM (WW) 15,18 Suitable for twist Wrap application for candy packaging.
ULTRA CLEAR POLYESTER FILM (EE) 12,23,36,50 Suitable specially for Holographic, labels, photosensitive coating applications.